Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is submission of an Online Application Form easier than a Paper Application Form?
Certainly and undoubtedly, completing an Online Application Form takes less time compared to the Paper Application Form and involves less effort. The Online submission of the Application Form will reduce the whole processing time for a student like - standing in unending queues at Andhra Bank / / Post office to purchase Paper Application form, take Demand Draft from bank, submission of completed Application form at the Regional Centers / PGECET office, delays due to posting/receiving of Hall Tickets. Also, for the PGECET office to work and manage is a laborious task coupled with wastage of extra, unsold Application forms and other stationary items. Over and above this, online system provides efficient & consistent Application tracking information and the ability to search the applications easily. The objective is to gradually make PGECET a paper-free exam with the inspiration of exams like AIEEE, CEEP, APPSC, etc. SAVE PAPER and SAVE ENVIRONMENT.
2.Where can I buy the Application form?
PGECET 2014, application form submission is made completely online including payment of application fee. Visit the website for more details
3.How do I apply ONLINE ?
click here to read how to apply online: PGECET 2014 - Apply Online
4.Should I need to upload any certificates?
None of the certificates need to be uploaded. However, if you belong to SC / ST category then you need to bring a photocopy copy of the Caste Certificate duly attested to the examination hall.
5.If I wish to appear for more than one test which is scheduled on the same day in different sessions will I be allotted the same Test centre or different Test centres?
Generally, you will be allotted the same Test centre to appear for both the tests scheduled on the same day in different sessions.
6.How much is the Registration fee for PGECET 2014
Registration fee to appear for PGECET 2014 examination is Rs. 500 (Rs 250/- for candidates belonging to SC/ST).
7.What is the last date with late fee?
With a Late fee of  Rs. 500/-                 : 29.04.2013
With a Late fee of Rs. 2,000/-               : 06.05.2013
8.Do I need to post the application form?
No need to post the application form.
9.Do I need to preserve the Registration ID?
Registration ID is very important information. It is very useful in any further correspondence with PGECET office.
10.When and how will I know the status of my application?
The status of your application will be known immediately. If your application is filled in completely and submitted, you will instantly get an SMS. If you have given your e-mail id., then a copy will be mailed to your e-mail address.
11.After completing the ONLINE application process and generating printable Application form, will I be able to login again to change my application data?
No, after completing all the steps up to "Filled in Application Form" generation in ONLINE application process, you can only print the application form and cannot modify the data. However, if you feel there are any corrections required then you can contact the PGECET office or send an e-mail to the or contact 040-27097124.
12.If I misplace my copy of the "Filled In Online Application Form", how to get another copy of it?
You can take a fresh printout of the “Filled In Online Application Form” from the website by giving suitable details.
13.I have missed to take a print of my ONLINE application at the end of my application process. How will I get access to it?
You can take a copy by entering the Registration number and other relevant information take a printout from the by clicking "Print Your Filled In Application Form".
14.I did some mistake in filling the Online application, then how it can be change?
If there is any correction required in the data, contact the PGECET office or send an e-mail to the or contact 040-27097124.
15.What if I don’t have a Mobile number?
Mobile number is a mandatory detail as your Transaction Id., Payment confirmation or any other future correspondence is through the correct Mobile number you enter. Hence, if you don’t have a Mobile number enter the mobile number of your parents / guardian or close relatives / friends whom you can trust.

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